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Beautiful vistas to refresh the soul!

Refresh and revitalize your soul and body with the calming and serene beauty that surround the Zuikerkop Country Lodge !

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Chapel & Banquet Hall for your Wedding!

Create a life-time of memories for your special occasion in the serene surroundings of Zuikerkop, marrying in the beautiful Chapel !

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Luxurious rooms

Unwind, rest and chill-out in Zuikerkop's luxurious modern rooms, rondawels, chalets or Executive Suite.

We also offer campsite facilities for Backpackers !

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Relax and enjoy a meal with friends & family !

Enjoy your meals and buffet in the company of your friends or family in our beautiful dinning area !

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BOWHUNTING - IDEAL LANDSCAPE: 4x4 vehicle, meat processing facilities, cold room and a Professional Hunter ON SITE

CONFERENCE FACILITIES: State of the art Presentation Hardware - SEATS 80 delegates - Spectacular View!

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Conference Facilities


Bow Hunting